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    I REALLY want to add bosses to my game, because the bosses I put in, the player can just move on past it, and I don’t want that.


    That is a problem I’ve experienced with combat as well.

    One way to solve that is put combat in an enclosed area, like a smaller hallway. I’ve found it makes combat much harder, as the player has less room to maneuver. Another way is to make a non-fighting challenge, like using the choice system to do some trivia or a riddle. Another idea is having the boss be lots of little monsters (maybe it could be a hive mind?) so that it’s harder for the player to move past them all.

    Best of luck with your game! 🙂


    It is possible to block the way with screenplays.

    If a boss dies, it becomes inactive. This means you can test it with:

    if boss is active

    So you could either let another actor block the way until the boss is dead, or only teleport the hero to the next level if the boss is dead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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