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    Hi there

    It seems that in mac you can’t write special characters like á, é, ñ.

    Windows users don’t have that problem.

    I think it’s a problem in the Baloo Bhaina 2 font

    I think windows and mac treat this kind of error differently and that’s why in one you can and in another you can’t


    That font seems to be the one from the website, not the app.

    First I need to know if this is a problem on the input side when typing, or when displaying.

    Can someone with a Mac try this game and let me know if they see accents in the text (in the game conversations) or not?

    🇪🇸 Probabilistán



    This issue has ben tagged as a bug by deWitters a few hours ago. I’m pretty sure he’s going to see this soon, but just in case remember there’s a card in trello where we can provide any useful information 🙂



    I’ve been waiting for someone who has a mac (because I don’t)

    A colleague sent me this picture, I think it is a problem on the input side when typing, you can look at this picture to check it.problems with accents

    The expected result while he is writing should be (I’ve marked it in bold): “Buenos días”and “Buenos días señor ¿Qué quiere?

    Oddly enough, the letter ‘ñ’ shows up well

    Greetings and thanks for everything.



    How are these characters typed? Is it possible that the ones that work are on the Spanish keyboard as a single key, and the ones that don’t are combinations?


    Indeed, To type á, é, í, ó, ú and ü, you will have to first type the tilde or umlaut, and then the desired vowel. The ñ, luckily, is its own letter and will have its own key.

    Here is a picture of a Spanish keyboard, and the sequence for typing an é

    typing é


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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