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    I have some questions regarding the premium version:

    Will it be possible to purchase a license for the premium version in order to get a product code? This would be an advantage, because we could buy a code and could unlock one account of our choice with it, or even give the code to someone as a present.

    I imagine, that a user simply could login in his/her account, enter the purchased code there to bind this code to this account for unlocking the premium features.

    How do you plan to release new premium version updates? Would we be able to update a premium account to a newer version with more ressources and functionality by purchasing an additional code?

    Could players still play games for free, even if they have been created with a premium version? (Do only creators need a premium version or players too?)

    1. Good idea! I need to make sure to support this
    2. Updates will be free, but there can be extra resource packs that need extra payment
    3. Yes, playing is free. In the long run I’m thinking about giving the creator an option to request payments from players. Kind of how Roblox does it.

    bro if my game that im making becomes big im toatily makeing it cost.

    and if you make a premium version ima buy that  unless you have a free trial thing than hehehehe

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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