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    How about to give us a property (and screenplay for it) to make actors able to go everywhere on the map, regardless if tiles are passable or not?

    Together with the new invisible action, you already implemented, we could use it e. g. to create “secret passages”. I imagine this that way:

    • We place an invisible actor in a place of our choice on a wall.
    • If the hero look at this place to the wall, the screenplay gets activated
    • We activate “Walk through everyting” for our hero
    • We activate the actor invisiblilty for our hero
    • We use screenplay to walk straight through the wall
    • We deactivate “Walk through everything” for our hero
    • We make our actor visible again.

    That it is: We created our “secret passage”.
    We even would be able to activate and deactivate those “secret passages” with tokens, if we want.

    A “Walk through command” also could help us in other situations, like my workaround for scrolling the screen in my other thread.

    It also would be a good idea to have that capability not only for the hero but for every actor.


    Well, when we would have flying actors such as birds, we kind of need this. But for secret passages, I guess adding tile graphics as actors might also work


    Yes, of course. A secret passage is not a very good example. However, with the through property the RPG Maker provides I realized a tipping waggon which the hero can ride. Without the waggon it is not possible to get past a deep fissure. However, with the tipping waggon the hero can just jump over it. It cost me approx a day to implement it with different speeds and sound effects. But it was worth it. With a through property ideas like this could be realized also with RPG Playground.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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