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    Could be a direct link to the game on the game page under the “Open game” button.
    With a direct link, you can save the link on your phone. The link now acts as if the game was an actual installed app.

    As of now, I have only been able to save the link to the game page with the blue “Open game” button on. Would be cool to go directly into the game when I click the “app”.


    I don’t think that is technically possible. The problem is that you can only go fullscreen when there was an interaction from the user. Right now the game goes fullscreen when you click that button.

    However, when it would be a direct link, the user wouldn’t interact with that page yet, and so it’s impossible for me to take the browser fullscreen :(. It’s kind of a safety measure that browsers have built in.


    Ah I see…

    I found this snippet for IE and Firefox:

    Other browsers could be detected and redirected to a landing page with the title and author of the game and the start game button.
    I guess I believe we might need a more elegant landing page 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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