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    So I have been a lover of RPGs (all kinds) since I first played ES III: Morrowind for original Xbox back when I was about 10-11 (born in 1994). I moved on to KoToR 1&2, picked up FF VII for my old PS1, put at LEAST 250+ hours into ES IV: Oblivion, and you can imagine the rest.

    So my big idea is to combine the freedom of choice from games such as Fable, KoToR 1&2, Mass Effect, etc., but to try and push it to Witcher III level, where you sometimes are battling within yourself trying to figure out what decision you should TRULY make!

    I want there to be allies and comrades, which an obvious system to determine compatibility, and then a system similar to KoToR 2 in that you gain influence (positive or negative) with certain characters based on your own decisions.

    Graphics don’t have to be anything special AT ALL. I mean, I’m talking like Golden Sun for Gameboy Advance graphics are perfectly fine. It’s the STORY and the interactions between companions that I want to be a big factor. That along with an intuitive combat system that is simple to grasp but if given enough dedication can be eventually mastered to truly exemplify one’s prowess.

    For example the combination of certain skills, with certain abilities while wearing certain armor that increases a certain stat, which benefits from the buff your current weapon has. Like, a passive skill that increases Crit Chance by +15% if you have all light armor, a certain light weight shield/or weapon, (something like that), then casting an ability that increases it by +10%, then your armor activates once you have a +25% Crit Hit bonus which doubles all Crit Hit damage, then lastly your weapon’s ability that activates only when your Crit Hit Damage is doubled, which results in life-steal of 5% everytime you deal damage for as long as your CritHit Dmg is doubled. Just a random thought. May be too OP who knows.


    Basiclaly i would just love love to be able to create a game like this. I’ve always wanted to make RPGs like KoToR 1&2, New Vegas, FF VII, Fable, Oblivion, Mass Effect, but the graphics would not be an issue for me. I just want an amazing story!


    Hello and welcome Branden,

    You have some really good ideas there! A game like this would truly be an enrichment to this site, though it may require some time and skill to realise it – especially the battle part… But I’m sure you can do it! 🙂

    Anyway… Nice to meet you – and to success! ^^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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