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    Hi, I have been playing with this great game creator all day now but just cannot get my actor to move into a new scene after going through a door. Ive read in a blog post that it needs a portal but nothing is labelled and ive tried everything.

    Can anyone let me know where im going wrong please?




    Hey Gill!

    Once you add a door, you need to configure it so it knows where to send the player. You can do this by going to the character screen, clicking on the little gear button, and then clicking on the door. From there, you can set what room and door it goes to. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a bug. Hope this helps!


    Yes, you need to place a door on both maps – one on the map you want to teleport from and one to the place on the other map you want the player to teleport to. Just place an invisible door if you don’t want the door to be seen. Then look what the doors and your maps are named and select those at the door properties. For that, select the little cogwheel and click on the door you placed somewhere on the map; on the left side of your screen are the door properties. You can select any event (doors, actors, enemies) by using the little cogwheel and edit them!

    I hope that answered your question.

    Okay, maybe you already knew most of these infos, but I didn’t know, what you already can do… So sorry if I explained too much! ^^



    You can also use doors to teleport you to other places in the same map. Say: You wanted to go to a different area, but didn’t want to make it a different map. That being said, though, if you don’t script a door..it will open and not do anything. This would let you add small houses in a town without creating a new map.

    If you want to “Lock” a door: Place any visible door. Place an invisible ‘pedestal’ actor on top of that door to block the player from entering it. Script the new invisible actor to say:

    If hero lacks token “Key”

    Actor says “The door is locked”

    If hero has tocken “key”

    Hero teleports to “where ever”

    4 spaces before ‘Actor says’ and ‘Hero teleports to’.(It wouldn’t save my indentations?) Make sure you make the keys to each door different though, or the player will be able to open all doors as if he had the Master Key.

    Madison C.

    If the gear isn’t there, how do you fix the bug?


    I was wondering about that. So the floor script triggers before the door does? I’ll have to test it but won’t the door event still trigger?


    hey guys I was wondering how to make the doors active once the monsters are defeated?

    Im pretty new here so I don’t know…


    i cant get in the door and i want to go inside 


    how do i make doors i can seem to find them?

    Elliott Goff

    Go to the little box for the levels on the edit screen, then click on make new level. Make a door on each of the levels and for the inside I like using the glowing entry thing. Name them what you want and click lower down to choose where they go. For the “first” one, if that’s the level you are using, then click on the first box and enter your new level. Then click on the lower box and click the door that’s inside your house. For the second one select the one named “first”, and then select your door on the outside of the house. Decorate the inside, and when you exit out the editor screen, you can play with your beautiful house.


    Where do you get an unopened door?


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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