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    I thought I threw one of these up a few weeks back, but apparently not.

    Well, I’m here because I’ve been looking for something to jump-start my game-making hobby and turn my amorphous imaginations into something that can be shared and played! I think I’ve found the right place, the community is active yet tight-nit, and not so huge (yet) that it’s impossible to get the devs attention (if it did get that big, great! It deserves to, and I’ll just be glad I was able to beat the curve).

    I’m looking to make open world, player-choice driven games, and I think the framework has a lot of potential for that. I hope to create worlds that are fun to explore and stories that are fun to create and be a part of, and hopefully a pleasure to experience.


    Hey welcome Lorn,


    The community is indeed still small enough to be fun, but I guess it can still grow a bit and keep the same cozyness.

    Looking forward to play your games!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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