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    hi!! im wondering how to make enemies static

    ive tried putting them in a hole and then covering the hole with the desired floor design but not only do they still move around but after a while they seem to budge their way out of it! while they don’t attack the hero when i uncheck the active buttons on the enemy, they still follow him around. this is cool, but i really need them to be still for story purposes.

    ive seen other peoples games on here where their enemies are completlely still in one place, which is exactly what i need!

    i just dont know how to do it, can you please help?


    All new games have enemies that walk around. Those enemies standing still are from older games.

    For now, you cannot make them stand still, but in the future this will be possible.


    I figured out that if you put an enemy on a wall tile, they won’t move, but then you can’t walk on it. So it’s kind of a work around, I guess. Don’t know if you can kill them, though. I haven’t checked yet.


    I reshuffled priorities a bit, and letting enemies stand still will be finished pretty soon :D.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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