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    ♥ Random Npc ♥

    Hi! Nobody’s posted here in what seems like an eternity, but I figured I’d say something! How is everyone? I know Covid-19 has been taking a toll on many people’s mental, and in some cases, financial health. It’s not affecting me much aside from not being able to see friends, and I see it as an opportunity to be creative (hence why I’ve been working on more games lately), but I want to hear about everyone else’s feelings and opinions.



    Fortunately it’s also not affecting me too much, except for seeing less people in real life.

    I think most of us are active on Discord, so the forum gets forgotten a bit.


    Also I haven’t ran into a big enough problem to have to post it on the forums. I have to say QUARANTINE DOES SUCK but don’t think for a minute that we shouldn’t quarantine. I’m not active on much mainly because I didn’t know these exist T_T. Also i haven’t posted a lot because i’m working on a MASSIVE project that is almost done but i’m taking a break from it cause i’m mad at it >:(.

    But it’s not affecting me too much, other than the fact I don’t get to go anywhere or see any friends

    ♥ Random Npc ♥

    I agree, being in quarantine saves lives so I’m happy to do it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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