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    ….. the blog only shows an example of if they have that number but not how to set it or increase it/decrease

    the box at the bottom only gives me a half clue which doesnt help

    number of “(*)” increases, and thats all….

    so i tried to health manuplate one with the number one that failed, im getting frustrated,

    no offence not to sound rude at all but why does the health one get full examples in the big box but it says theres no action or properties for number of “gold”? thats what made me madder [again sorry frustrated]



    ok good news is i got it finally… sorry if i sounded harsh if i did…. i could still use some advice on it though


    No problem, such things can become annoying indeed. Soon I will have a better action wizard, so you can just click on stuff. But in the mean time, you will have to type it.

    Numbers can be manipulated with all this: http://rpgplayground.com/screenplay-reference/#Number


    hero number of "gold" increases with 5

    or any other number manipulation will work

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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