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    im making a scifi game where your a captai of a ship [space] like star trek,


    i am making doors that take you to different rooms, [like where you make it land] im using tokens for each place and door,

    each door will come active on the place given like

    Mars door will become active when mars is selected and the mars token is active,

    i want to make all the door inactive at the start of the game so that way when one planet/space station is selected that door will open [active] but the rest will stay inactive


    Doors do not have the “active” property yet in the settings, so the only way to do that is with a script that you run when the hero enters the room.

    In the future all actors will have these “active” properties.


    I know it’s been a few months now, but I was wondering if one could put an invisible actor on top of the door; an actor who becomes inactive when you step on a tile in front of the door if you have a certain token? This could create the same effect activating/deactivating the door, no?


    Hello lorn,


    I made this little tutorial game for showcase:



    There is one example for how it always works; one only for if you are already in a room (e.g. if you have teleported there or if you start the game in that room); and one that works fine for triggering a cutscene when entering a room… Here they are:

    For the solution that always works (Example House 2):

    For this solution, you have to teleport the player inside of the event, not per door… Here it’s very important that the door in the room you want to lock the player in is behind the invisible actor! If you connect that door to teleport you back outside though, you will be immediately teleported back – which would look like you didn’t even enter the room! So don’t do that!

    For the solution that only works if you are already in that room (Example House 3):

    The main difference here is that it’s a bit faster to create than for the solution that always works – and you can connect the doors directly! But as I said: it only works if you are already in that room (if you enter the room from outside, you are stuck in the inside room!)

    And finally the solution, that you propably meant (Example House 1):

    This seems to be the first thing to do if you want to create a locked room… It does work, but its best for a cutscene when you enter a room. Since you must put soemthing under ‘if hero lacks token’ or ‘if hero has token’, what you put there will immediately be triggered! What means: if you enter the room, there will always have to be some text or another action! You may be able to avoid this by simply just leaving it with the action ‘[door] becomes inactive’ – in that case though, when you walk down to the door again, it will simply do nothing!

    …So be aware that if you don’t want an action to immediately trigger after you entered a room – or if you want to give the player a warning that you can’t leave the room – it’s best to use some of the examples mentioned above!


    Okay, that was it, I hope that helped,


    (Sorry, I had to edit this a few times! This is the final version though! ;))


    That’s wonderful, Aura! The teleporting floor switch that only activates w/ token is a very simple solution that hadn’t even occured to me!

    Honestly what I was trying to suggest was option 3, because I assumed that the original post was trying to make a game that started in some Spaceship in a “Hub” type area, with multiple doors branching from there that unlocked depending on their choices. I guess I took for granted the “same room” assumption that I’d made even though the original poster didn’t really specify…actually re-reading there is quite a bit unspecified. Although I admit I didn’t realize that you could simply have the tile in front of the door create dialogue and that said dialogue was enough to bar your progress, it makes sense though.




    Oh! Yes – now I see what you meant… ^-^; I just read your post but not the original question…

    Well maybe what I explained can still be of use to you or anyone else tasked with that matter when creating their games…

    Back to your question: Of cause you can also lay an invisible actor in front of a door and turn it on/off by a token to create the effect of a ‘locked’ door! So… Yes that works! 🙂

    (I just checked it: If you want to use an event you step up to (not one you can step on), it doesn’t work! The door is triggered even if the event is at the same place as the door…)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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