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    ok so in my game the beginning your with your with your family (NPCS) and i made it to where the wife (player) talks to the husband i made a choice saying how was your day (just a normal conversation choice) well i was gonna make this other one say go home which would ask him to go inside the house,

    well when i typed

    in case "go home"

    it said there has to be another action…. what does it mean….

    and yes i did ad the says for the player and husband after that


    Hey Cyan!

    It sounds like it may be a bug, or I might be missing something. I’ve tried reproducing it with my own screenplay, and can’t seem to get that error message. Could you send a picture of the screenplay, here or on discord?


    Make sure you place 4 spaces before every line inside the “in case”

    thief gives choices for "So give me that ring, or die!"
    in case "Sure"
        hero says "Here is the ring."
    in case "Never!"
        thief says "Then I'll fight you for it!"

    So the “in case”s must be on the same level, and the others 4 spaces deeper.

    I hope this is the problem you are facing.



    well i got it now… dewitter was right but its weird i thought hat was the problem so i did that but it still said the same thing….


    but i redid the screenplay sort of it works now 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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