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    I was simply going through, creating and whatnot, and I created a medium indoor level. I add a door so I can get out, and of course I can’t remember which door it should teleport to so I just leave it empty. I go back to the level where the door leads, and click on the door that I wanted to read its name so I can remember, and I also change it so that door leads specifically to the level I want. Anyway, the game becomes increasingly broken as I walk through the door and am teleported first to an empty void, then back to the same level I was one, though there I am far to the side and there is an invisible wall preventing me to from exploring the whole level. So I try to go back to the original level which has just 1 door (using the editor), and it keeps me stuck on the level with many doors. So, I want to restart the game now because something is seriously wrong, but the restart game button is invisible. I still touch where it normally would be anyway, and after a while, it restarts. But it doesn’t restart. The audio is now as if I had restarted it, with birds and bees rather than piano. But it is still showing the same map, even after restarting. The hero is also invisible and there is no text. It’s as if that one level was plastered over all of the other levels. However, it seems I can still edit on the original level, the one with many doors, but my hero does not move around in response to arrow keys. I will upload a screen capture to the Discord.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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