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    I just saw the video “New combat features for RPG Playground” on YouTube and was so glad, that a very questionable “feature” is not there:
    In that video deWiTTERS shows, that if we change a property of a particular monster type, all monsters in our entire game will change this property as well. I’m so glad, that this is not the case! That way, we accidentally could change the behavior of our actors unwanted or at least wouldn’t be able to use e. g. a good and a bad monster of the same type for our games anymore. Instead of implementing it this way, I’ve some other suggestions:


    1. Square Mark Selection

    How about to implement a square mark for selecting multiple actors at the same time using the mouse? If there are different properties for those actors, the property control could be shown to us with a different color. If we then change it, the editor could change this property for every marked actor as well.

    Let us use also the CTRL-key, for using other marking squares and select more actors with it without unselecting our previousely marked actors.

    Of course, we also should have an apply button below our properties or an apply message if we leave the actors page in order to prevent us from accidentially making changes for a whole bunch of actors.


    2. Let us change actor properties by using the list

    There is a list in RPG Playground where every actor is in. Additionally to the marking capability, we also should be able to change our actor’s properties there the same way.


    3. Make the insertion of actors better

    As the editor reacts now, we cannot unselect a tile or an actor we selected once from the menu. This is not even possible, if we activate the tile menu tab and therefore leaving the actor menu tab. For a selected actor we are forced to set him or her to our level before he/she becomes unselected in the menu. As another consequence of this, we are not able to place multiple actors to our level without being forced to select the same actor from the menu over and over again.

    Therefore, I suggest to let actors in the menu react like a button, which we can activate or deactivate. At least the deactivation of an activated actor button should be prevented by additionally pressing – lets say the SHIFT button, when he/she gets placed at the level. There should be a separate property window with given and also custom templates for new actors. So all we would need to do then is to activate an actor for insertion and select a template of our choice. After that we can set as many actors of this type as we want to our map without the need to selecting them from the menu again or to correct their properties over and over.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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