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    hey guys,
    my name is Infreus, i am from the german RPG Maker front.
    it’s also my passion to create my own RPG but this on any platform.
    I’ve started to work with the RPG Maker 2k but my game never finished, one of the problems are still the porting. I hope this will be the solution, i’ve ever looked for.
    one question still remain, if I finished my game can i make profit with it ?

    if i can help you to develop, let me know it

    many thanks to Koen


    Hi Infreus, welcome to our forums! I hope indeed that this is the RPG editor you are looking for. If you need specific features, or want to prioritize some features, just let me know.

    Of course you will be able to sell your games! I even encourage it and will help you get the word out.

    The best way to help me is make a cool game that shows what RPG Playground can do. I’m a technical guy, not really good at designing RPG games, so I hope that you are :).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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