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    We are able to activate and deactivate the inventory. If the inventory is active, items will be collected there (at least if the check box “Add to inventory” is set). We can deactivate it and activate it again. The items still will be there. However, if the inventory is disabled the items unforunately will be immediately used, regardless which setting “Add to inventory” has. Better would be we could adjust, what will happen while the inventory is deactivated:

    1. Use the item immediately
    2. Leave the item were it is
    3. Still add the item to inventory

    If we had choices like this, we even could seal our inventory temporally. Imagine that your backpack could be stolen or lost and you have to reacquire it. Also a magician could “seal” your backpack temporally. Thinking about this, they’re quite some possibilites what we can do by just having the choice.


    Yes that is true, I haven’t thought about enabling and disabling the inventory during the gameplay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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