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    Some games let the player know, how locations are named by fading in the location’s name when the player enters a new place. If you’re reading a tomb stone, a stone tablet, a letter or something like that a lot of games does not use normal message boxes for showing the text. They darken the screen, fading in the text, letting it sparkle sometimes, wait a little, fading out the text and restore the screen’s brightness.

    To also doing so for our game, we need to have screenplay for:

    1. tint the screen (already requested, but no Trello ticket for it yet, as far as I know)
    2. showing the text in a user defined style, size and color (new request)
    3. applying a text effect like “sparkling” (new request)
    4. wait a little bit by using waiting screenplay (already requested; has a Trello ticket)
    5. fading out the text (belongs to “showing the text”)
    6. restore the screen’s brightness (belongs to “tint the screen”)

    I would like to have the missing tickets on Trello to enable voting for those features.


    Added 2 tickets for this:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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