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    I just created a testing map using RPG Maker VX Ace. The designer of that engine is very powerful:
    Using RMVXA you just can hold the right mouse button and draw a mark around the area you want to copy. After you release the mouse button the whole area is copied to the clipboard. The mark is still shown and you can use it like a stamp to insert the previous copied area anywhere – at every “level” of your game you want! To get a better overview we can zoom our map way smaller to 1/2, 1/4 or even 1/8 of its normal size. That makes arranging maps with RMVXA a piece of cake.

    RPGP indeed has other features (especially auto layering) making its designer already better than those of the Makers’. But regarding some points it still is no match to the Makers. However, there are also some features none of the engines have. Actually designing maps should be fun. Therefore, let us collect important features we need to make map design less cumbersome:

    1. zoom for designer (currently we can use fullscreen, but cannot zoom in and out)
    2. copy and paste actors
    3. copy actors and part of maps between levels
    4. beeing able to mark areas in order to copy them anywhere or move them on the level
    5. full control about passability
    6. full contro about layering tiles
    7. collision view for passabiliy (just two collors to see them at once)
    8. stacking actors (currently we can stack invisible switches, but stepping on them will not activate them all)
    9. arranging stacked actors an arranging tool
    10. arranging stacked tiles having an arranging tool

    There’re already some tickets at trello regarding designer improvements, which are belinging together. They should be connected with missing features as a list. Do you also have some stuff in mind the RPGP designer is lacking? Don’t hesitate to add your ideas to this list and help to make it complete.

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