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    Let us enter the maximum level size using the keyboard, please. Until now we have to click over and over if we would like to have a bigger level. It also would come in handy, if the engine would let us change the names of existing levels. Note, that such a feature has to change the names of all door references and teleport screenplay as well.


    Level resizing will be done by dragging the edge in the future. So the scroll space will be bigger than the level itself in edit mode. This would make it really fast to resize levels.

    Changing levels is indeed on my list, but not as straight forward for the thing that you mention.


    Yes, I already read this. However, I think it also would be a good thing to have the capability of entering the size directly for e. g. by double clicking X or Y. I often create levels e. g. for house inners in order to use the maximum space a level can provide (144×144). To be able to directly enter the number would even more speed up this process than merely be able to dragging the level’s borders. Just think about it. It probably would not harm to have both for the designer. 🙂

    Either way: Please make sure not to shrink the levels accidentally by dragging and destroying maps on it unintended.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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