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    Especially when we use one level to create multiple maps on it, there usually is only little space between the different maps. I often need to create parts of a particuliar tile type, which also is used for other nearby maps. If I shift such a construct around in order to rearrange my current map, I often unexpectedly also delete tiles of the nearby maps. This is because a construct will be destroyed currently, if it gets overlapped by another construct, consisting of the same tile types.

    Since I do not know, if this is a missing feature or even a bug, I post this one in the request section.

    I would like RPG Playground of being able to move such constructs around, without destroying other similar constructs nearby.


    It’s indeed an optimization that I do, that you don’t end up with 5 of the same grass tiles on top of each other. I have to think about a solution for this.

    You indeed want to move objects without deleting other objects.

    Added it at https://trello.com/c/61iGuJVD

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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