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    Because we have no direct control about passability, some constellations of level design either look weird or have a weird gameplay. To understand this let’s have a look at the mountain range map in the screenshot below. The marked area is impassable because of the rock tile below the grass-plateau tile. Currently, its gameplay is weird, because the hero will just stop unexpectedly if the player would like to enter the corner. All we can do for now is to remove the rock tile below the edge, which I think is even worse, because this will look weird. I think there is no proper way to solve this with the given capabilities and we need control over passablility to have a real solution.


    What if we had a disable collision invisible tile?

    It would at least help with some of the problems.


    The RPG Makers solve this by letting us change the tile maps’ passability directly. I don’t know, if deWiTTERS plan to implement passability similar.

    Such a invisible tile for resolving collisions could be also a solution and will solve this issue here. There could be a separate layer which let us only set tiles for overriding default designer behavior on it. That way we can view that kind of tiles only if we need them.


    This does happen a lot to me but thereĀ is a tile that is designed for that type of corner. It’s in “iniquitor (sorry if I spelled that wrong) outdoor” down by the cliff tiles.


    Thank you, for trying to help.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find this tile you mentioned. I guess you mean the “Inquisitor outside” tile map. Yes, this is the one which provide the rock and plateau tiles. If we want to create a construct like this on my screenshot, we will need either a tile containing rock in its upper right egde, or we need a rock tile, which is passable in order to place it underneath the normal plateau-edge tile. I cannot find a plateau-edge tile with also rock on it the way we need it here. If there is none we have to build it by putting a passable rock tile underneath the plateau tile. Meanwhile I tried out all the rock tiles of “Inquisitor outside” and found none which is passable. I guess we indeed need a feature like the one Deluxe suggested it here.


    Modifying or customizing the tilemap collisions is an obvious feature for me, but I see it wasn’t added to the roadmap yet. So I added it now https://trello.com/c/vKJqdBZ1

    I think that would be the easiest to implement, and would give you the most power.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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