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    While shifting an actor the designer paints if a tile is selected for painting. That is at least not what I would have expected.

    Btw. unfortunately we also cannot disselect a tile for painting once it is selected. So it can easily happen that we draw something by mistake. With actors this is the same. Once an actor is selected in order to create a new actor on the level the designer does not let us disselect it before we placed it somewhere.

    We also have a hard time if we need more than one actor of the same type to be placed on the level. For that we need to select our actor over and over. There is no “Lock” button to let the designer know we need more than one.

    Furthermore I noticed it can be very hard to select an already placed actor e. g. to change its screenplay or its properties. It often takes a lot of mouse clicks until it gets selected.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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