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    How do I purchase the premium version with PayPal using an account with a different email-address?

    I’ve two questions I need an answer for:

    Is it possible at all to purchase premium version licenses using PayPal?

    How can I pay the premium version with PayPal for a RPG Playground account, which having a different email-address?


    I tried it again and it worked now. The problem was, that I’m using the Firefox plugin NoScript. Using MS Edge for purchasing a license worked much better. PayPal is available then.

    For using another PayPal email-address we just need to enter our RPG Playground email-address in the first field of the purchase form. Than we can continue with our PayPal email-address nevertheless. This was not obvious to me in the first place.


    You can even use a different email address when purchasing :).

    When the RPG Playground website sends you to the product page on gumroad, I send a hidden field with your RPG Playground email address. Once you pay, gumroad will send back that hidden field with the email address.

    On my side, I first try if there’s a hidden field, and link that user. If there was no hidden field (maybe people went straight to the product page), I try the email address of the one who purchased. If that email is also not linked to a user, you’ll just have to email me and I’ll link it manually ;).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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