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    There already are some very impressive games online at RPG Playground. However, there are also many games online, where creators only put about five minutes effort in them, or which are only tests. Therefore, pretty remarkable games of high quality will be drowned in all the tests, demos and incomplete stuff. If a player would like to play some (newer) games, created with much effort, there is almost no chance to spot them, if we put not much effort in it for searching them.

    Quality seals could help us out. For every seal, we could have minimum requirements. They would not only help, to filter games with remarkable properties, they also would motivate creators to improve their games in order to receive them. You could introduce different of them, considering story, completion state, art skills, play time etc. Players should be able to vote a game for a seal. You also could let creators propose a game for one or more of the seals. A jury should decide, if game has already reached a state of quality.


    In the new games section, this is true. But the “trending” and “popular” uses an algorithm that seems to be working pretty good.


    i agree with you. i spend hours trying to update my game trying to add story and lore and that takes a long time. just for me to post the next update and nobody play it just because it was drowned by a bunch of random people posting test,demos,nothing and this sucks. especially this one time i stayed up all night working on a big update and NO ONE PLAYED IT.


    Ps. if they do make a jury i need to be in it



    Sencerly -Ace;)


    For that, I could indeed adapt the algorithm to also take your work into account.

    For now, best go to our discord and post a link to your game, asking for people to play it. That way the algorithm will pick it up and you get into the trending list.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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