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    It would be great to copy maps, wouldn’t it? I thought of a simple way to realize that!
    Why not do it like this:
    1. Just create a map with a random name (e.g. ‘Map1’)
    2. If you want to copy the map, just Name your new map like the map you want to copy! (like in our example ‘Map1’)
    3. Your new map now is a copy of the original map!

    I think that’s the easiest way to program. Hope this idea was helpful…


    When you would copy a map, do you expect all actors to also be copied, or only the ground and scenery?


    I guess the ground and scenery would be enough!
    …What do the others think?

    James Nick

    Ground and scenery is enough for me too! Actors are easily made anyway.


    Now that you can enable/disable actors, is this copy-map feature still high priority???


    I’m currently working on the floors inside of the mansion (Lierra project)! And I’ve got many connecting floors that lead either to the left or to the right side, and must be the same but mirrored. It’s SO much work to redo all those maps! The mansion I’m going to build will become really big, cause I want the game to revolve around exploring the mansion. And I just began building it…!

    So much work to do!! >.< It would really be convenient to have the copy maps tool!


    Alright, I’ll see what I can do. This feature request is also on Trello of course: https://trello.com/c/xPyWVyNm


    Here’s a suggestion: as long as there is no copy-map functionality, anyone can mail me directly for copying a map of a level, and I will do it manually in the files (it’s not that hard for me).


    1. Create a new level where you want the map to be placed
    2. Mail koen@koonsolo.com with the following details:
      1. Subject: Please copy my map
      2. The share link of your game (I need that project id)
      3. The source level name to be copied
      4. The destination level name to be overridden with the source map

    If I get fed up with doing this, I will probably create that button in RPG Playground ;). But at least in the mean time, you can skip all that tedious work


    Thanks! This is really helpful! 🙂

    Edit: I saw that you couldn’t mirror the map I sent you… Will that never be a possibility? Cause it’d need that for many maps now… Well, thanks anyways! I appreciate the help!


    I won’t add this feature, because it’s not simple or easy.

    Mirroring an image is easy because you can mirror all pixels. But for mirroring tilemaps, it’s not the same. What I would need then is a mirrored version of all the tilesets. Because if you use the same tiles in the mirrored tilemap, it looks all wrong (a top left corner will remain a top left corner, but will now be on the right, a chair facing the room will now face the wall, etc.). Therefore each tile needs a mirrored version.

    It is technically possible, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort.


    There is another thing of course. Would it almost make it as good if we had the following tools for tiles?

    1. Flood filling tiles
    2. Rectangle tool
    3. paint tool (just hold the mouse button instead of clicking each time)
    4. Line tool

    All of those would be SUPER helpful! Seriously, filling in big areas with one tile is probably the most inconvenient thing about RPG Playground. It probably would cut down the time needed to create a scene by at least half, if not more.


    That’s true! It would help a lot if you’d add those tools! Klicking a hundret times for creating one road is… well very inconvenient and very annoying!  So yes, it would help indeed (also for my mirroring issue)!

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