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    I understand that this is a relatively new thing, but have you thought about putting it on the AppStore? Easy money right there. Okay, that’s a lot of work, but think about it!
    Anyway, a lot of work has to be done, and I just want to throw some ideas out there.
    Smooth “travel”. Ex, going into a house.
    Premade buildings.
    More art. Yours focuses on classic ROGs, but why not add a different tone too?
    More monsters.
    A boss monster.
    Time of day.
    Chests with stuff…in and out, you know?
    Food, for fun.
    Diagonal movement.
    Functioning doors.
    Sitting sprites.
    Potential harmful objects like a fire or falling stalactites.

    So, yeah. Sorry for leaving it a mess, and not organizing it but I just wanted to share my thoughts on what’s needed. You probably know all this but it makes me feel like I’ve made a difference.

    Thank you for your time.


    After using the product more, I see even more items are needed, of which include:
    Vehicles: Wagon, car, horse/saddle
    Sprites with actions. As stated above and more. Sitting, crying, running, moving, laughing, guarding.
    Weapons (static before you add Action) that can sit in hand
    Water or lava which includes rivers.
    Easier access to road. I found that building a road was harder than I thought. Prehaps a premade road segment and a rotating device works.

    Once again, thanks for your time.


    It looks like I’m making daily changes to my original!
    Anyway, I would really like if RPGPG was supported by iOS and usable on Safari. I use a mini IPad more than the computer, but unfortunately, I cannot use this. I know it’s not on your list of priorities (finally checked out your roadmap) but it definitely would be nice. Not to have it as an app, which I suggested before, but instead to be usable on a device.


    One thing that I really like about RPG’s is that you can be whomever you want to be!
    Here in RPG PLayground, you are stuck with the one sprite the GM gives you. As Koonsolo advances more into this, why not give the PC a chance to choose his or her character? For example, the default sprite could be in a room before the “start” of the game, and the room has three doors. Each door has a sprite next to him, and whatever door the PC goes through, he becomes that sprite, whether it be a wizard, barbarian or ranger, etc. Also, it would then be simple, time consuming, but simple, to change the storyline based on that descion. The player goes through this door, becomes a wizard, and starts out in the wizard’s tower as an apprentice. The wizard dies, and he follows almost the same journey as the ranger and barbarian do.
    Which reminds me, could you make states of being?
    For example, a dead person is on his side (basic), or people can sit, sleep, jump!
    At the very least, being able to be dead would make the monsters seem more realistic-if it is the PC that is dead or the Monster.


    Perhaps an overall map or a mini map of the scene would be nice. It would not have to be terribly accurate (say it puts one green dot for every 3 by 3 area of grass) or maybe the GM could have an option for creating one (which would be better if there were mazes and the GM doesn’t want anyone to know the way).
    Just a thought.


    I really like this topic! Some of your ideas are already planned in the near or far future, but other ideas are totally new to me.

    Keep ’em coming!


    I have some suggestions as well. I think an in-game menu would make things easier (View tokens, save game, exit game, etc.). I would also really like some water tiles. NPC movement would be nice too. Thanks!



    It has been a long time since I posted on here!

    After playing someone’s game, it sparked a lot of new ideas:

    In dialogue choices for the character (works like tokens, but in the dialogue, so that you actually have a conversation).
    And finally, a skip button for dialogue, because sometimes you get a long speech, and you accidentally see that person twice. It would just make life a lot better.



    the dialogue choices would make the decision-making part of an rpg much easier to do. It’s kind of difficult to make non-rhetorical questions. (I also REALLY REALLY want that water texture, as well as sand.)b The skip button also would be good for checking dialogue to make sure all the tokens work right.

    ~ Carter


    Well, I’d also like a multiplayer feature. But more importantly, as I look through other people’s Games, I’d love to work with them, so a cooperative building proccess.


    I would like to work cooperatively. two is better than one, right? if anyone has any ideas for my current game I would be more than willing to give credit. the only problem I have with that idea is that the two partners might have different visions, and the collision of the two might be nothing like they intended. anyway I think I’ll be posting my latest game soon. (the one I made earlier spiraled into chaos). I’d really love feedback!



    Building off of your idea, why not do it the way Google does it – have Auto-saved versions that you can revert back to if needed. Or, failing that, have “privileges.” (You work on the scenery while I work on the real stuff, the dialogue!)

    Hey Carter, what’s the link to your game?


    I haven’t posted it yet. It’ll be under the show your game section

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