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    I would like to challenge all who are daring to make a historical game. You must choose one point in history and make a game revolving around it. You must also state the event you chose, and can not pick the same event as someone else.

    Games need not be completely accurate, but must be a decent reflection.


    1. Between 75% and 95% accuracy
    2. At least 1000 words of dialogue
    3. Playability! As in playing the game should be fun.
    4. No 4th Crusade. Just… don’t.

    The challenge ends on June 2, 2019. Good luck!

    Also, I call dibs on First Crusade(including the peasants’ crusade).

    -The Dungeon Master


    Just letting you know, this challenge won’t be pinned or active I believe, because only one challenge can be happening… The current challenge doesn’t end until a few months.


    Those rules are true. But because that one challenge has a really long deadline, I’ll allow it this time :).

    So I pinned it, and we now have 2 challenges active :).


    Oh! What challenge is active? I’m just asking so I know.


    Both challenges are active, and anyone can join both.


    Extension to June 9!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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