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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a small request / info, wondering about the tilesets and Audio/music/sfx.

    Is there a possibility to upload some tilesets / audio to integrate it into my game ?

    For the explanation, I used RPGMaker for a while and bought many tilesets and audios, going more into the cyberpunk/distopian future design looks.  I love rpgplaygrounds and the mechanics are simply brilliant and so clean, and i wondered if i could load up some files to use them.

    About the licensing – i bought them and i won’t use them for a commercial “purpose” so maybe i can also share them with the community ? As nobody will “sell” them but only use on this plattform ?  I would love to contribute somehow to the community and – if that would be okay (and legal and not to be worried somehow) I could always send the files for a check if some stuff can be integrated ?

    I was searching for similar topics but I’m rookie here – hopefully I don’t already pull all the hate on my for re-requesting bizarre stuff 😉

    See you guys ingame !  Keep up the great work.


    Tom // Oizo



    Uploading your own graphics is on the roadmap, but not yet available to do. (The roadmap shows what updates came out and what is to come.)

    And welcome to RPG Playground!


    Custom graphics are on the roadmap indeed.

    For uploading graphics, you have to check the license. But probably you are not allowed to share the bought graphics. It’s even possible that when those graphics are derived from RPG Maker RTP, you can’t use them in any other engine except RPG. So check the license of those resources to see what is allowed and what isn’t.


    For RPG Playground we better buy licenses for ressources from deWiTTERS site as soon as they’re available. This will ensure that there are no license issues.

    Good thing also would be, if deWiTTERS makes sure that we always are allowed to modify those ressources and share the modifications with others on RPG Playground. This could make RPG Playground’s ressources one day even more variegated than those for the Makers are now.


    That is the idea yes :). One of the many complexities of custom resources 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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