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    Hello! I love this website but have a question about tokens. I’m trying to build a bank system to convert two 5Gold tokens into one 10Gold token (Using tokens obviously). Anyways, this isn’t working, so I was wondering what others are doing about currency and shop systems. If you have any idea on how to help me, please reply as soon as possible! Thank you!


    I just use the player has X amount of things. I set the name to Coins and then the banks can check if player has X amount of coins. If number of coins is greater than 5, player can buy health. You get it?

    The hard thing about shops is that you can’t save money collection throughout playthroughs, and it is inpossible to let the player enter in that amount, that’s a thousand plus variables to create.


    I use ‘hero amount of’ for gold. I Think this will work:

    ‘if hero amount of 5coins = 2<‘

    Bank manager gives choice for ‘Want to swap two 5coins for one 10coin?’

    In case yes:

    Hero number of 5coins decreases with two

    Hero number of 10coins increases with one

    In case No

    Bank manager says ‘Ok, come back soon!’


    Ok, thanks for everything! I’ll try it out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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