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    Unfortunately, the engine is not able to process assignments properly. Only assignments of constants will work, but not of variables or properties. Here are some examples, which currently not work, but should:

    hero number of "health after returning from cave" becomes hero health value
    hero number of "berry amount before contest" becomes hero number of "current berries"
    hero health max becomes hero number of "previous health max"

    The same thing also should work for “increases with” and “decreases with”:

    hero health max increases with hero number of "health sirup strength"
    hero health value decreases with hero number of "trap power"

    This is the evaluating expressions that is missing. I recently rewrote the scripting part to be able to support these kinds of compositions. Very soon we will have that.

    For now the compiler should give an error, but it seems it doesn’t.


    Yes, you’re right. That code indeed brings no errors. Therefore, we will only notice at runtime, that it doesn’t work. Thank you for keeping improving RPG Playground.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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