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    You could let us buy a license for the full version even at this early state, where the full version is not available yet. With this, you could cover your costs. In exchange you could thank those members who would buy this now, by providing some extra tiles or characters as a little surprise, as soon as RPG Playground Premium has been released. You could include this as an extra purchasable package, which those, who have the “early bird” license, will get for free later on.

    RPG Playground is a big project and it is for sure also expensive to create. Furthermore, if you would like to provide us a lifetime license, you should again think well about the price for a premium license. I personally think RPG Playground is impressive and am willing to spend a proper amount for a premium license. Think about, you also have to pay your web developer and artists. Therefore, I suggest to visit the Degica/KADOKAWA side and have a look at their prices. Instead of taking a too small amount for a license, better invest in RPG Playground, take a proper price but provide more ressources out of the box for the premium license. I think the prize for MZ is a little high. (Nevertheless, I also owned one of their MZ licenses!) But the price you thought about for your RPG Playground is way too low! I suggest to charge more for it, but provide a bigger ressources package in exchange.

    I also have another additional idea:
    How about to bring out a monthly (or alternatively every few months) ressource package (music, tilesets, actors/also better faces for existing actors). Give us an option to either buy this separately or buy this at a reduced rate and automatically using a subsciption with costs.


    I definitely considered all kinds of options for getting revenue.

    I thought about doing an early-access or something similar, but I don’t want to promise things that in the end don’t end up in the final product. Setting expectations is really important. So I decided to not do it, and make my offer straight forward: if you pay X, you will get Y right now.

    The ideal case for revenue is of course that anyone can spend as much (or little) money as they want. That way you optimize it on the revenue side. I think Roblox nails is perfectly. They also offer a subscription where you monthly get a certain amount of credits.

    The thing right now is that I have to start somewhere to get my initial revenue with the least amount of effort on my side. Very tricky balance to find.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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