save the duck

Published 17.01.2023 08:01

by isaacadrians

Total plays: 101

You must talk to the man in the brown robe and try to save the duck. Multiple endings. Very hard.

  • LoopyAntenna

    You said this was “very hard”, but it was actually very easy to save the duck. All you have to do is give rent to the man in the brown robe, which can be accomplished simply by choosing that choice in the dialogue sequence. Then there are the side NPCs, but they’ll let you live as long as you don’t be a jerk. One more thing- there’s a bug. When the King/Landlord runs to you to kill you, the hero says “Thank you very much!”, then it cuts to the house screen. Aside from that, you made this game nicely, and it’s a shame you don’t have more players.