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Hunger Games

published 15.04.2020 02:04
by OMGTikTok!
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You have been chosen for the Hunger Games! You are from District 12 and Peeta will be joining you, your mentor is Haymitch and the Hunger Games is about being the last person alive, you must kill people and win to get home safely, but there is a twist this season! Two people may survive. So may the odds be ever in your favour! Every time you refuse something like food or water you will slowly die.


8 thoughts on “Hunger Games”

  1. This seems incomplete, and it does not bring justice to the book. This has more visits than my creations that have 20+ hours of hard work, which is quite annoying. You know a few simple commands for characters, and the village before the hunger games is adequate. The map is pretty much a blank slate, and almost everybody dies in the first second without reason. This is a good concept, just finish the rest of the story and polish the entirety of the inside of the hunger games.


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