| The Goddess |

Published 22.11.2020 11:11

by [] Unknown_Guardian []

Total plays: 32

A Woman wakes up. She has lost her memory. She looks around and sees a path. A path to a village. (Complete Short RPG)

  • Eri Berry

    Okay here is my thoughts:
    Things to add, at the end of the game when you talk to people they all say hi hello and I think it would be more interesting if you heard there responses and at the start after you go back on the circle it restarts the dialogue at the start, you can fix this by making it say “_________ becomes inactive” (the blanks is where you would put the switch name) The last suggestion is that I think we should know more about her memories mabye even do a short flashback. Here is the good feedback: I like your attetion to detail and the town is really nice, all the characters tell there own story and it comes together perfectly!