Wonder’s Last

Published 02.03.2022 11:03

by farcutie

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“How long are you going to hold on to a lie?” “As long as it takes for it to become true.” Reality is often disappointing; that’s why Wonderland was founded! In this virtual escape, users are free to shed their mortal forms and thoroughly explore their true desires. The sky’s the limit - and that is the pillar that keeps this technological realm standing. To escape the horrible reality of the pressure their family places on them, young Theo delves into the depths of Wonderland, taking on a new name and identity and making money as a successful artist. But when Wonderland is suddenly destabilized and billions of users are thrown into chaos, Theo takes it upon themselves to find out who is in charge of bringing their paradise down - only to find out it’s much closer to home than anyone could have ever imagined.