*GAME-CARD* Happy 10th Anniversary RPG Playground!

Published 08.04.2022 10:04

by Macmor

Total plays: 227

*Long loading time, please wait* Play as @koonsolo (deWITTERS) and explore the newly built RPG Playground Compound! Lots of people to meet and games to play, can you get all 15 trophies in one playthrough? Library/Game Room/Bar/Club/Bowling/Forest Maze (made by @eybisea)/NERF arena and more! Special thanks to the contributors: @eybisea, @lorn, @lemm, @pokefan, @fedorakid10, @moonwhisper45, @marby, @comprehensible, @nathmario, @threesodas, @greninja1, @iluvxion, @lemmymania, @ebmcgames, @timothytsui, @kaizenzen, @brennz, @thisisnotshort, @zay