A Lill’ Girls Tale – Ver 1.1

Published 01.10.2019 02:10

by Aura

Total plays: 1850

Lill is an orphan living in an Orphanage in the Forest! One day Mrs Fye, the Mistress of the Orphanage, calls her, to tell her that her Birthday Present was taken by a cat and she has to find it! Lill starts to search the cat – and eventually gets involved into something bigger…! Solve riddles…and join Lill on her journey to another realm! Will she find the answers she's searching for?


0 thoughts on “A Lill’ Girls Tale – Ver 1.1

  • Comprehensible says:

    I really love this RPG! It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into it. The scenery is gorgeous, the characters are well though out, and the plot is interesting. I think where the main character has to go could be a little more well thought out; I found myself getting lost once or twice. Otherwise, this is a stellar game. Great work!

  • Thank you very much! You may be right that the starting area may be confusing at some points… For that, I thought a quest system (where your current task is shown) would be great! Maybe that would make the game a little bit “easier” to play!
    And you’re right: It was a lot of work so far. I’m glad you all enjoy playing my game 🙂

  • Yo! So again I’m just going to say what others said about the scenery being beautiful. I like your art style.
    One thing that I noticed was some of the wells I couldn’t get to their ‘invisible message’ either the well itself was blocking my way or mushrooms sometimes. So like I think it was the third well, I couldn’t get to it’s message through the game. At first I didn’t think there was anything but going into the creator tools I saw there was and it also looks like it’s important to get to the wells. So just a heads up (^_^)

    • Thanks for the feedback! So I looked into it and the wells work for me… But to make it more clear where you have to ‘speak’ to the third well, I placed a little shrub. Hope that makes it more obvious ^^

  • Oh! I see what my problem was *palmface* I didn’t get the right order of the wells. I found the third one first, I didn’t look at that close enough. I didn’t realize there was an order.
    But yeah, nevermind. It works (^_^)/

    • So I don’t know if you want to make the order of the wells matter or not but this would be a good place (search for the wells) to have that quest objective thing. Perhaps, as a substitute for now you could have a “designated helper” someone to always ask “what should I do now?” Like maybe it Audrey.

      `if hero has token “SearchTheCat”
      Audrey says “Have you found the cat yet?”
      if hero has token “FindWells”
      Audrey says “There are so many wells around here!”`

      Or something like that. May take some tinkering.
      Just an idea.

  • MeowMeowSprink says:

    I just spent 20-40 minutes looking for the person after the fortune teller, and I come back to get some humor in this fortune teller, because I didn’t read the last line she had. Lol! It was great! I wouldn’t have gotten far without going through creators mode to get what’s going on. But that’s because i’m horrible at puzzles! This was and is a spectacular puzzler, so keep up the great work!

    • Hey cool kid,
      so to answer your question: You won’t really find the cat right now… While advancing in the story, at some point you will definitely be able to meet the cat, but that’s not implemented yet! It’s involved in the complexity of the story… I can’t tell you more right now, or I’ll spoil! 😉

  • I just found your game and realize that it is over a year since the last comments. Just want to let you know I loved it. I grew up playing JRPGs and your game was so nostalgic with the a lively story and mini-quests. By the way, I thought the meta-game creator dialog at the end was really funny.

    Point of feedback without trying to spoil anything if someone else reads this post: I really had no idea where to go after the third well until I accidentally stumbled across the scenes in the sidebar and looked at the invisible areas on the one with the third well. It looks like there is a path, but it looked like I couldn’t walk there. Other than that, this game was wonderful!

  • I love this game! The details are amazing! But I can’t find all the children for hide and seek! I found three though. Can anyone give me a hint? (I found the one by the tree, the one that says screws, and the boy at the church.)

  • This is a really fun and interesting game. I like it that at some points in the game, it gets more challenging. The more challenging it is, the more you want to get it done, the more you play it, the more fun you have. For my YouTube channel, I might do a walk-through on this game. But don’t worry about spoilers, because the first part will be all of the talking with everyone, and before I do the second part, I give out a challenge, that is if you finish what the next vid is going to be, J release the next part earlier…If you want to check out the channel, go to BREN.N.Z.

  • I’ve looked all over that forest, searching for clues and whatnot, But I can’t find the fairy, can you give me a hint to how to bet that puzzle?

  • First Talk to the scarecrow;
    then go to the tree in the forest with the note;
    after that, you will be able to find the fairy in a room in the orphanage…
    Good luck 😉

  • Dear Creator,
    I’m having trouble solving the riddle, “Search for me that somewhere dark but can also be very bright.” Also I love the RPG. Maybe you can tell more specific details in the top right corner of what to do. But overall, I love this game!


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