A Quest Forgotten

Published 27.11.2019 11:11

by Dragonyz

Total plays: 1287

The village of Earmien has gone dry. The king has shut down public access to the well, without giving any information as to why. One day, a village boy is overcome with curiosity, and sets out to discover a dark secret lurking in the unknown depths of the well. Meet mages, make friends, and battle feirsome monsters in this, A Quest Forgotten.

  • Zed Bonk Studios

    This game seems like it could be great. But there is are a few things I think it could do better with:
    1.) Spelling errors. The concept and the dialogue of the game is very intriguing, but that effect is kind of ruined with spelling errors. Maybe if you update the game, some of those can be fixed
    2.) Length of the game. I know the games on this website are small, but I think you could make the game better if there was a little bit more to do. I completed the game in about 6 minutes, but I would, and I believe other people would as well, have a more enjoyable experience with this game if it were longer.
    3.) The story. I like this story concept. However, I believe that the events of the story in about the middle of the game were rushed and poorly executed. You did a fantastic job at giving a great introduction and explaining the plot at the beginning to hook me in, and the ending was delivered spectacularly. However, there’s almost nothing in between. A lot of what I would consider important story aspects are hardly explained. For example, the mysterious person in the secret hallway mentions a lot of things about your character being the chosen one, and having some sort of special blade. During this dialogue encounter, your character seems a little confused about it all. However, when confronting the final enemy (Korlan), your character seems confident about the entire thing. There wasn’t any character development at all. I also was confused about your companions’ names until the end. Their names were never introduced until the king’s speech. So I think if you ever decide to update the game, try to make the story and characters easier to understand and make it flow easier.

    And that’s all! Overall, out of 10 points, I give this a 5/10, because I see potential in this game, and I want to see it grow.