An Underground Adventure

Published 29.11.2020 01:11

by Alex3DAlbin

Total plays: 238

(Just a show off for now) i whuld say that the beggining of the game is finischt,. Embark on an adventure deep underground to rescue the imprisoned king, Travel the Magic Path, Kill enemies, and discover the underground. (ALSO GUYS THX FOR OVER 100 PLAYS VISITS THIS MEANS, ITS JUST INSANE :)

  • SageSkate49

    Looking pretty cool. With the cubes that say “Misson (etc.),” you could use the Interface to show it, as well as set tokens inside the game to test if the player has talked to certain people or been certain places yet. Like, for the cube in the throne room, it could say whatever it says, then the next line is: interface info text becomes “Misson: Talk To King”, and then after the hero talks to the king, they gain a token “TalkedToKing.” That could help give you more control over when the characters go where.

  • OfficialLightWarrior

    I like the game so far, there are some spelling errors, but I can get past that. The only problem I have is that when you enter the room after defeating the first enemy there’s nowhere to go, you’re trapped in the room with a green cube saying, ‘After five minutes of walking’.

  • scout

    I’ll start off with the things I like. The scenery is pretty, and with all the variations, it doesn’t get boring to look at. The concept of the game is pretty interesting as well, and certainly very creative. But, as much as I hate to say it, there are some minor flaws.
    The spelling and grammar is not very good, and seeing as there’s a lot of dialogue, it’s hard to ignore the mistakes.
    In my personal opinion, there’s a lot of wandering around in the game, which can be a little boring at times. Of course, I enjoyed looking at all the scenery, but there’s not much action going on. The premise of the game is interesting, but the description is a little confusing as well.
    As OfficialLightWarrior mentioned in an earlier comment, there is a small glitch in the game that halts the adventure entirely at a certain point. Which is a shame, because that was when it started getting really exciting!
    This is a creative concept, and I like the ideas you have. I look forward to seeing what you do next with the game!