Apparatia Part 1: Escape From Greygulf Keep [Permanently unfinished]

Published 31.08.2020 07:08

by ♥ Random Npc ♥

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William Thorne has always dreamed of leaving the island of Greygulf and discovering the advanced underground city of Apparatia. Now, with the help of oracle (and thief) Riyanka Aummarshall and knight Seraphim Azulis, he'll at last be able to! However, their plans are thwarted by the captain of the guard.. as well as a dark and mysterious power. Will Riyanka find out the secrets of her soothsaying abilities? Will Seraphim be able to awaken the princess? And most importantly, will the girl at the pub ever find true love?? Find out in episode one of Apparatia!