aspiring prince

Published 12.10.2020 10:10

by MasterCrafter

Total plays: 20

you start as a commoner. can you make it to king?

  • cowtrooper4

    This game may seem like a 5 minute game that is shallow, but its not. You were always the king, you had a imposter imitate you in case of assassinations and the civilians rebelled against you. You were hiding with the commoners in case there were assassins and so they would not kill you, but your evil brother who wants the crown for himself knew about this ruse. This would explain the fruit stand employees wanting to murder you, and why you were given the crown when your evil brother died: because the Evil Brother was the leader of the rebellion and the rebellion crumbled along with him. The evil brother kidnapped the real princess that was in disguise, knowing that you yourself would have to save her because the royal army (the 2 men inside) has rebelled. This game is a stroke of genius, and I applaud the effort put into hiding the true story.