Published 01.10.2020 01:10

by Raymond Foster

Total plays: 315

In the infant region of Ausguard, the various arising kingdoms, united under the Creed of Consortium. This was a direct result of the Break of Will which lasted two decades, from late in the 24th year into the spring of the 44th. The Creed of Consortium, and those whom uphold it, ensure the security of the realm, and the folk therein ever since, have lived their humble lives in general peace and abundance, only to be challenged by the forces of nature and the occasional Uwch attack. But eerie echoes whisper in the winds, and trouble brews in unchecked places . . . "The Evil incline the Good to Neutral, so that the Good have no allies and the Evil have no opponents." ~ Unknown [Games not complete but is coming along nicely.]

  • LikesWine

    I enjoy the way your intro works – I think it’s good writing to have something happen that is not explained straight away to give interest!

    I found it a little hard to beat the snake because I died… I wonder if you interest is more the story or the gameplay? I’m trying to incorporate a really easy way to heal in my own game given the current parameters regarding needing to restart the whole game at death. Until DeWITTERS gives us the ability to have save checkpoints it’s the only way I can feasibly think of managing a large scale game like this one feels to be.

    I supperrr love the goat guarding that area – (I may steal the idea!)

    One thing I might suggest is perhaps using more outdoor pieces to create visual interest in the sheep paddock. You have a lot of grass – which makes sense world-wise, but maybe you could add some flowers or weeds to make it immersive?

    You already have a pretty good head for dialogue changing between characters to suit tone – so I reckon if we work together it won’t be hard for you write poetic dialogue! 😉

    • Raymond Foster

      Cheers, I wasn’t sure if the intro would be too confusing or not haha. I plan to have a sort of Cutscene/Artistic Intro of close up Butterflies flapping around the Creek Area and then having it kinda pan out to the intro of the actual gameplay, so eventually there will be a little more Commentary/Intro Story but I want to wait to add that, so as to actually code it in as an ‘Epic Game Intro Scene haha.’

      My game is going to be a Massive RPG Adventure like The Legend of Zelda, or Secret of Mana on SNES, so when you kill enemies or talk to Alfred and ‘Train’ near the Inn on Sundays, you gain Attack Damage and Reduce Swing Recovery Speed, so you get stronger and faster with the sword the more you use it, and the more your train with certain folk.
      [I will share more tips and ‘secrets’ with you in Discord chat so it’s a little easier for you and you don’t have to discover all the hidden features yourself -I will say this much here, *sleeping heals you, *there are days and time, certain people do things and events happen at certain dates, *you can learn to read and write by studying Literacy in game]

      ‘Steal’ any ideas from my game you want! Haha.

      I totally agree with you that I need to add more detail to all my maps/levels I have so far.
      I have actually been waiting for the most recent update before working too much on maps/levels yet though, more so doing the maths to perfect and balance the experience and ‘leveling’ of the character as you progress in game.
      So expect things to be a lot more detailed in due time, and also New Areas/Cities to be added to explore!

      Thanks, It took a lot of focus and test plays to get the dialogue down that I have thus far, and had to have one friend of mine find Grammar Mistakes and Typos I overlooked Haha.
      I still feel like my characters are too two dimensional and not ‘human’ enough haha.

      Thanks you!

      • LikesWine

        Ah awesome. Yes, I did figure out the bed! I’m a bit more of a “reckless gamer” so to say, I always tend to take risks unless I know the game well enough to be methodical.

        I did suspect that you had a lot of in depth mechanics at play from the date, didn’t realise there were that many! That’s awesome.

        • Raymond Foster

          I want to design the game in a way that makes you slow down from time to time and really be aware of what is happening, not just a button masher haha.
          But there will be times when recklessness will work, and especially once you finish the ‘Child Chapter’ and become a young adult, as the story evolves and there is much more action and drama etc.
          [I have plans for some INSANE reckless action that(I think) has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE in a game… Haha!]
          ^This HAS to remain ‘secret’ for now but I will message you about it on Discord if you like haha.

          My ideal is to eventually make a sequel to this game, within the same ‘world’, yet as a MMORPG similar to Oldschool Runescape.
          So there will even by a Mining Skill etc in Ausguard eventually, along with some others such as basic farming/gardening(harvest moon mechanics), perhaps Animal Husbandry which will allow you to milk cows etc. Right now I am working out the general logic to how I will add a Gathering Feature, so, picking fruits and berries and what not.
          [But I might wait until the Inventory Update is released to really start hashing that out.]

          Sorry if I ramble, I’m super passionate about games. Haha.