be a fox

Published 07.04.2022 12:04


Total plays: 36

this a not a BECOME A FU- FRICKEN FURRY game also the password to be a fox 2 (wip) is "fox"

One thought on “be a fox


    how 2 play
    go to sign
    follow path
    go to hooded person
    go to the one in black
    go to the old man
    go to the blue haired girl
    after teleportation walk forward
    go to cave talk to the foxes on the carpet (may be hard but talk to them both)
    go to the mushrooms and walk around on the mushrooms
    then go to the bottom of the waterfall (aka go all the way to the right and walk up)
    then after talking to the invisible thing talk to the square
    walk to the left at THE VERY TOP (if you are on right and at the very top)
    then talk to the brown animal thing
    after kill the three headed dog (i forgot the name) with your scratch (aka your sword!!)
    then talk to the demon that was the blue headed girl
    then THE END (you can talk turn into a fox when ever)