Blacksmith Hero

Published 15.03.2021 12:03

by Vivi┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

Total plays: 58

it seems your little sister has run off to somewhere. Try to find your little sister, and beat enemies with your craftsmen ship along the way.


0 thoughts on “Blacksmith Hero

    • Hi there! So the game is actually around 96% complete, but to access that path later, you’ll need to follow along the main objectives that get shown in the top right corner.
      howeverrrr, beyond that point is actually the last ending I still haven’t implemented into the game. For that ending the game lacks the boss map.
      Fortunately, there is another ending I added that is very easy to get, and doesn’t require following the objectives, just make sure to check the trees in Wealdstone carefully ;3

      As for the second ending, I should have that completed in 1-2 days, as I took a mini break from creating the game. That’s an error on my part, but after I get a few more of my assignments cleared up in school, I can work on it again. Thank you for playing my somewhat-in-progress game, and I hope this helped cleared up some stuff!


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