Bunny Boxer – Save The Village! (Full Ver)

Published 27.05.2021 07:05

by BlushMoth Games

Total plays: 34

You are Ten Year Old Bonnie (Bunny) Boxer going to school on a Monday morning. As you you are in school something bad has happened! Your town is being invaded by Sire Foxman's Minions! You must save the town from him to beat the game! You can ask questions and report bugs in the comments! Updates: May 27th 2021, Release of Demo, May 28th 2021, More Detail added to houses and chapter 2 completed, June 1st 2021, Chapter 3 Completed! June 2nd 2021, Finished chapter four and starting on final. June 3rd 2021, Bunny Boxer has been finished and only took about nine days to finish the whole game! Progress Start - Finished

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