DESTINY: The Village of Quartz {ALPHA}

Published 23.04.2022 04:04

by Exo2 TheVessel

Total plays: 32

experimental, lore's pretty good though my first game After a war against the goblins, the humans are trapped into a small circular area with only one way to go: down to the Mystik caves. update log april 22 - Getting pretty good at doors, placing enemies around map and Mountain Pass added April 23/24 - working on some new levels like the Forest and Snow Towers April 25 - Working on forest- Fae Kingdom added, fae castle tomorrow probably just finishing up some stuff before I work on more of the forest, mountain and caves July 11 - Mystik caves, shoreline, Ither (fae kingdom) October 10 - replaying and making more rooms, "revamping?" making ithera AREAS (In-game and concepts) Quartz City (center of the game's world here) - A city of humans who attack the monsters Forest - A large forest that has been fought over by monsters and humans. The monsters are just now starting to claim the territory. Many settlements of human and monster rest here in the forest. Mountain/Mountain Pass - also known as "Overcast Mountains," named for the overcast on Quartz City caused by the mountain at sunset. Once a settlement of marketplaces, but most of the owners abandoned their posts during the "Forest War." Caves of Mystik - Caves just South of quartz village, filled with ancient ruins, crystals, and other things Railroad Barrens - The area around the Trade Railroads, built by the Common Trade Center from the edge of the forest to the barrens just outside. Made for international trade but ended up being national trade due to the Barren Nation becoming part of the Quartz Settlements. Mystik Village of Ruby - A village within Mystik Caves, found in the deepest parts. Perhaps the Quartz Settlements can stay here... Shoreline - The Shoreline against Mystik caves, Quartz City, the Forest, and Autumn Woods of Overcast Mountains Ithera - The beginning of all. Dragons, monsters, humans. However, the citizens are very hostile, and it is best to avoid this place if necessary. People who are not from here WILL die. Unless you're a special hero who can't for some reason.