Distant Worlds Chapter 2: A Love Unbound.

Published 19.03.2022 11:03

by Macmor

Total plays: 406

*BETA RELEASE* Rated "M" (Mature content warning! Blood, alcohol references and descriptions of death) Chapter 2: A Love Unbound (In progress) The midnight meeting is looming. Re-join the cast and see if they can figure out what's happening. Approx. 1hr 15mins (1 Card to find) LONG LOADING TIME! PLEASE BE PATIENT!

  • Lemm

    This was *very* well done, movements and text were excellent throughout. Particularly I liked the slow steps forward as Vivi died, and that one soldier at the end retreating. My favorite scene was everything at the secret place, all the vignettes as time passed. That was effective, and a nice economic use of a single area. I also appreciated all the little things individual guards say if you try to speak with them, and I found the card! I think maybe it would be /wagons/ or /wains/ or a /caravan/ that the king takes to war rather than carts, but idk, and I did think it was strange to use the outhouse door on a normal building, but eh, small things. Also the first time I played, the king’s pathing got caught for a bit on the lower guard as he left the room. One typo that stood out – a missing apostrophe in the kiss paragraph, [It’s]. Do we need to call a vote of No Confidence on the Chancellor?