Published 16.11.2020 02:11

by Jose2007

Total plays: 97

Two people wake up in a strange forest disoriented and scared unsure if they are alive or dead when suddenly they see a strange boy covering the terrain with eaze. They're unsure where they are and how they got there but they intend to find a way of escape. The boy they had met would eventually be named leaf for his rambunctious nature and affection for the forest he lived in. They asked him many questions but the majority of them led to no answer. They gave the boy an offer to come with them and adventure this familiar but treacherous land. Of the many things leag had said two in particular were of grave importance.were that if a to be conveyed from the boys mouth was the shocking fact that were both subjected to an accident led of the course to the golden road they find themselves in a land of the dead and living they begin to venture out of the forest into a highway there location was New York during this trip they meet a group of thugs.Their leader was named Johnie he proceeded to threaten t Allie and Nick and if they did not comply his gang would sink them into the bottom of the earth when suddenly the beast they call the McGill arrived or so they thought it was actually Leif he had scared the gang of goons away now allowing them to pass. They eventually find themselves in New York where they seek refuge in any place they can. The eventually make it to the twin towers what was once a symbol of agony has now become an empire for the afterlights and refuge. They meet a woman named Mary HighTower. She was the one who documented any important finding in everlost she knew all but Allie could sense something was wrong the woman was hiding something the people living there lived lives too rithmic to be called normal. Eventually they would seek their family MaryHightower warned them to not go, the pain would be too great they would sink to the bottom of the earth. They did not heed her warning and would seek a way to talk to the living; they would find themselves in a man of many names counters he would teach them but only for a price all too great the entrapment of those who do not pass the test forever trapped in a pickle barrel for eternity. Allie was the only one that could escape but she failed her friends and now has to save them. She finds out that they were stolen by the real McGill; she goes out and seeks her friends on his dastardly ship filled with the spoils of all his pillaging. She discovers a hidden ability; she is able to interact with the living briefly; she uses this to sneak into the McGills ship where she would try and rescue her friends. She strikes a bargain that she would use her abilities for his gain. She eventually discovers that McGill is Maryhightower thought to be a lost brother or so they were told. They soon learn not to trust MaryHightower and now know why she was such a strange topic amongst the afterlight community. They discover that there is a way out of everlost and Mary along with the MicGill keep people from leaving the way out is a coin you are presented with when you enter everlost now they know how to get out.