Fatebreaker: Fates Entwined

Published 12.11.2022 05:11

by Goat

Total plays: 465

When Mia goes to Lord's Mountain to meet her friends, everyone's lives will change forever. Collect hundreds of items and gear, use your ingredients to brew potions and cook foods, level up your character, and complete over 20 side quests while exploring an open-world full of fantasy and adventure!

  • Comprehensible

    Whoa, this is super cool!
    I love how you’ve used items as quest reminders. I’m super bad at remembering things, so it’s much appreciated. Also, the maps are really fun to explore!
    I got to the part where the fairy says I need a more equipment to pass through – is that the end of the demo? I have a sword, shield, gardener’s tunic, and the teleport book.
    Awesome game – I hope you’ll be able to keep working on it!

    • Goat

      Wow! Thanks so much for playing! My internet is down so I can’t edit right now, but just be sure you equipped the items- he should let you pass with the sword and shield equipped but maybe I messed something up. I’ll check when I can. But if you get a chance to give it a shot, that’s only the tip of the iceberg so far. Should let you leave the forest and explore A LOT more. There’s a whole level up system I wanted people to try when you return to the field from the prologue

  • Fedorakid

    Man, this is amazing. Can I just say real quick, the attention to detail in some parts of these maps are phenomenal. And I didn’t see many spelling mistakes, only a few. But…I love this game, a lot.
    I love the way the story is built up, although I barely scratched the surface of this game, I really was just exploring a majority of the time. And getting used to the map. But I also love the technical stuff in this game, like the inventory items, crafting and level up ability, the quests, it’s all incredible, and I still haven’t even gotten to the mountain lol.
    I did attach some pictures in Discord where the errors were. But overall, amazing job. I would love to see a save feature implemented when it comes to RPG Playground, that would really send it over-the-top.

    (last feature I love, the detail of the world map lol, that’s amazing.)

    Great job!

      • West

        Yeah, I looked around in the system of the game, and I found a better way, and thank you for the chest item thing, it is WAY easier than what I was doing. XD And if you want to talk about stuff on Disc, feel free to DM me or something.